Nutrifield Crystalic 1 Litre

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The Natural Sweetener.  Crystalic is a combination of rare earth minerals, amino acids and fulvic acid that increase metabolic production in plants. Ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants and can give you dramatically improved fruit and vegetable flavours, intensified floral fragrence, increased essential oil production and stimulates the plant's immune system.




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Great for increasing the essential oils in plants used in homeopathy such as Lavender, etc.


It will also increase flower development and size by supplying the extra carbohydrates to boost plant metabolic processes which accentuate growth.


Crystalic is a bio-stimulant which promotes secondary metabolic production that aids in the synthesis of terpenoids and polyphenolic compounds which are responsible for the creation of essential oils and trichomes in flowering plants. Plant terpenoids are used extensively for their aromatic qualities. They play a role in traditional herbal remedies and are being investigated for their antibacterial, antineoplastic and other pharmaceutical functions.  Terpenoids contribute to the scent of eucalyptus; the flavours of cinnamon, cloves and ginger; the yellow colour in sunflowers and the red colour in tomatoes.

Trichomes are hair like structures on the surface of the plant where essential oils and terpenes are stored.  As they are tiny and reflect light, they appear crystalline yet much of your crop's flavour and aroma are stored within them.  Applying Crystalic to your feed regimen helps produce vigorous, fragrant, sweeter fruits and flowers.


Use in the flowering stage at 2.5 mls per litre alongside your normal plant food.