Mozzie Bits 200g

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Easy TRAP Mozzie Bits – The safe, easy and effective way to kill developing fungus gnat larvae before they become breeding adults!

$12.00 (inc GST)


Non-toxic to humans, fish, beneficial bacteria, aquatic life, pets, and vegetations. Also available slow-release dunks, used as a long term preventative and control

Contains Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (The same active ingredient present in Vectobac and Nil Nat yet at a fraction of the cost!

Can be used in Fish ponds, hydroponic reservoirs, and any standing body of water where mosquitos, sandflies, and fungus gnats may breed. Fungus gnat larvae can also be present in moist soil. Check out the Mozzie Dunks also as a slow-release preventative.

Hydroponics and Soil: An eco-friendly biological way of controlling Fungus Gnats, which are small black sandfly-like insects, that in their larvae stage, eat the roots of your plants causing stunted growth and malnutrition. You may not notice damage to the leaves of your plants, however, if you see sandflies in your grow room or greenhouse then chances are fungus gnat larvae are present at the root zone. The dunks can also be used as a preventative

Use in Hydroponics:  20 gm per 500 litres added to the nutrient tank (our recommended dosages) – put in a mesh bag or pantihose sock as the media the bacteria are living on is not dissolvable! If you put them in a mesh bag then you can remove the bag after 14 days as the bacteria will be free floating and will no longer be present on the media they were once on (Less mess this way). 

For Soil:  Sprinkle them over the soil approximately 1 chip per 5cm square then water the plant to allow the bacteria to wake up. Note the media chips do not dissolve as the bacteria are living on and within the media chips.

The “Bits” are faster acting than the dunks. This is because the granules sink through the water column quicker, killing larvae within hours. The “Dunks” offer a slower release, and as a result, tend to be more effective for a longer period of time (“Bits” generally up to 14 days whilst the “Dunks” will continue killing larvae for up to 30 days or more). So I suggest that if you notice larvae starting to hatch now, use the Bits for a “quick kill” and then ongoing use of the Dunks will ensure they don’t come back!

  • poison-free
  • natural
  • non-toxic
  • child and pet safe
  • environmentally friendly