Mite Spray 200ml ( Agrimec )

Mite Spray 200ml ( Agrimec ) | Pest Control | Insecticides & Fungicides

Spider Mite Spray, target only at spider mites.

Active ingredient 18g/Litre Abamectin in the form of an emulifiable concentrate

$20.00 (inc GST)


The spray is absorbed into the leaf and remains active for up to 2 weeks. It doesn't move through the sap stream of the plant. It will kill the adult mites immediately and when the eggs hatch and the young mites eat into the leaf they will be eradicated as well. 


Usually one spray is enough.


Spray both the top and bottom of the leaf. This spray is only effective for spider mite.  If you have another pest use Yates Confidor, for pests that attack the upper plant (leaf etc.), and Vectobac as a drench for root aphids.

Mites can build up a tolerance to the active ingredient of this mite spray especially if it is used indiscriminatory.  If this occcurs then we suggest you use another mite killer spray with a different active ingredient  such as Spiromesifen (Optimite) periodically.


Please use usual safety precautions when spraying. Wear latex gloves, an air filter and goggles. 

Use 20 mls per litre of water as a spray. 

Makes 10 litres of spray


The first sign of spider mite is a white speckling on the upperside of the leaf. The mites live underneath the leaf and this speckling is the damage they cause to the plant. Once their population increases they will build cobwebs between leaves and flowers.If you see webs you have a major problem. A bad infestation can severly diminish your yield. 

Treat as soon as you see the first speckling. Learn to recognise this first sign and closely examine any new plants brought into the growing area.

Spider mites are very small, about the size of a dust particle and are brown-ish red. Look at them through a magnifying glass to positively identify them. They are tiny spiders and as such need a specific mite killer. 

Most insecticides wont touch them.