pH Down 1L Nulife

pH Down 1L Nulife | pH | Meters & Measurement

pH adjustment concentrate.

$49.00 (inc GST)


Nulife pH down will allow you to decrease your pH as required.

Approx. 4mls per 100 litres of water will lower the pH level by one whole unit ( i.e. from 6 to 5 ). This is a rough guide as each sitiuation is highly variable.

Use a pH tester to gauge when you reach your desired pH level, Bluelab products are recommended as the best for this.

When first using this product use small amounts (i.e. one drop at a time) and test the pH after each time to gain an understanding on how it reacts to the water/nutrient formula. You do not want to drop the pH so low that you need pH up.

It is not recommeded to use both pH Down and pH Up in the same solution as this will affect any pre buffered medium. Always take care when using this product, wear gloves and avoid contact with skin/eyes.