Smart Pot 15L Grated Pot

Smart Pot 15L Grated Pot | Hydroponic Systems  | Nutrifield Grow Systems | Pots, Trays & Planter Bags

The top grated 15L pot for the smart pot system.

$14.00 (inc GST)


This is only the top grated pot of the system, you will also need the bucket pot to use as intended.

The top and bottom buckets slot into each other 3 different ways which vary the height. The bottom bucket is ready to drill and connect a tank fitting in 4 different locations.

Use as is for a deep water culture system. Connect to a water tank with auto feeders, for a recylcing or run to waste system.

The top bucket screen allows you to use most if not all substrates to grow in: coco fibre, clay balls, perlite etc.