Platinium Super Cloner 12

Platinium Super Cloner 12 | Propagation | Humidity Domes and Heat Pads

Automated plant propagation.

Maximise success in early plant growth and minimise hassle.

This unit is capable of raising 12 cuttings at a time.


 See the video below for assistance with set up.

 Comes with a free bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning.

Pack content

x Hydrogen Peroxide 20 vol 6% 100ml

Use for sterilising Turboklone units and other setups where good fungal spore control is essential. Also good for controlling algae growth in hydroponic systems.


Use 5 mls per 20 litres of water for algae growth control.  Safe, at this rate to, use with plants in place.


Use 1 ml per litre for system fungal spore cleaning.  Remove plants before adding this strength of Hydrogen Preoxide.

$125.00 (inc GST)

instead of $8.00


The Platinium Super Cloner is an automated cloning system that provides your cuttings with a constant supply of water and oxygen to promote healthy, rapid root development.

Once you have taken your cuttings (recommended to use a rooting hormone gel), simply slip them in to the foam collars provided, and then slot the collars in to the top of the system. Any excess rooting gel that may get washed away should drain in to the system and be recirculated back to the cuttings. The dome will provide some much needed humidity to the leaves, providing intake of water to your cuttings while your roots are still developing.

A water pump (situated in the bottom of the reservoir) pushes water through rotating sprayers that distribute water evenly throughout the developing roots. The operation of the water pump in the water will generate some warmth, which is necessary for the rapid development of healthy roots, but you may require a heat pad under the unit in winter. Ideal temperature for the water would be approx. 21oC - 24oC. To monitor water temperatures, we recommend the Aqua One Digital Thermometer.

We recommend the use of Hydrogen Peroxide (provided) as a solution for cleaning and sterilisation, this will prevent against the development of any pathogens that may negatively affect the success of your plant propagation. It is advisable to clean the system after at least every other batch of cuttings that you have propagated. We also recommend you use a rooting stimulant additive, such as Rhizotonic, Root Nectar, or Roots Excelurator. Rooting stimulants such as these are indespensable for ensuring rapid development of strong, healthy roots early on.