Seahawk 24 Cloner Station

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Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide for sterilization provided.

You can put 3 or more cuttings in each collar to increase your success rate. Just take care as their roots will grow entwined.

Pack content

1 x Hydrogen Peroxide 20 vol 3% 100ml

Use for sterilising Turboklone units and other setups where good fungal spore control is essential. Also good for controlling algae growth in hydroponic systems.


Use 10 mls per 20 litres of water for algae growth control.  Safe, at this rate to, use with plants in place.


Use 2 ml per litre for system fungal spore cleaning.  Remove plants before adding this strength of Hydrogen Preoxide.

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An aeroponic cloner for up to 24 cuttings. This system works by misting water to the root zone allowing for a high amount of oxygen helping to improve success rate.


Soft top humidity dome which can fold away when not in use. Also can help avoid chipping or damaging the humidity dome. Three different colours of neoprene disks to identify different plant varieties and or stages of propagation. 


Comes with water pump, 5 spare misters and instructions.  

Please click "download" for instructions


Full size of unit: 41 x 30 x 40cm (h)