Propagation Dome & tray Small

Propagation Dome & tray Small  | Propagation | Humidity Domes and Heat Pads

230mm Wide x 380mm Long x 160cm High

Small propagation tray and dome.

Provides a moist environment for raising seeds or cuttings.







$25.00 (inc GST)


Line the tray with damp pumice, say 2 cm deep

Slightly push your jiffy 7, rockwool cube etc., into the pumice and this will act as a wick to draw the water up to your cutting/seed.

Don't let the tray dry out. 

When roots show through the sides of the jiffy, transplant into a bigger pot.


In winter use a heat pad.  The ideal bottom heat for tomatoes, tobacco and most other plants is 19 degrees - 24 degress, but if you are growing hot chillies from seed then they like at least`30 degrees.

Keep a thermometer inside the propagating bin so you always know the temperature. These small things can save you a lot of time and helps prevent failure.

Do not spray your cuttings if you are using a propagator, just keep the vents closed for the first week. If you foliar spray as well you can easily cause damping off (stem rot).

Most people use jiffy 7's for cuttings and it helps if you soak your chosen cloning medium in Canna Rhizotonic, at 4mls per litre of water. This rooting accelerators speed up root formation.

Easy to clean and disinfect after each use. Unlike polystyrene bins which absorb water and mould spores.

Always use a rooting hormone like Clonex as well and slice off your cutting with a (preferably) sterile scalpel blade. 

When you use scissors it can crush the cambrian (green outer skin of the plant) layer and cause rot. 

Plants are like people,  they can get infected through cuts. Using a sterile scalpel blade for every batch of cuttings helps avoid future problems. 

You can also soak/rest your blade in methylated spirits between cuts for extra sterility.