Growlush 150mm x 665mm Cool Tube

Growlush 150mm x 665mm Cool Tube  | Shades &  Cool Tubes | Cool Tubes and Air Cooled Shades


Pyrex and aluminium fittings.

$130.00 (inc GST)


Has a small external shade which slips over the tube.  This can be discarded if not wanted.

Designed to contain the heat from a grow lamp and with the addition of a fan and ducting, blow the hot air out of the growing area.

Can attach easily to an existing shade. Comes with a small detachable shade.

We recommend you use

  •  solid aluminium 150mm ducting
  • Aluminium tape to attach the ducting to the Cool Tube


We have found that if you use plastic ducting and your fan fails then the plastic ducting can melt, so we recommend you use solid aluminium ducting as a safety measure.


You can link several Cool Tubes together with ducting and use 1 fan to exhaust the hot air. You may need a centrifugal fan if exhausting more than 2 Cool Tubes. You can also use your filter fan (if you are using one) and re-direct the air flow through the Cool Tube and then outside. This saves having to buy another fan.


Cool Tubes will cool your growing area and also allow your plants to grow closer to the light. I can touch a Cool Tube with a 600 watt bulb and fan running and the tube is rather hot but not burning hot. Your plants will still be singed if they touch the Cool Tube. If your source the air from outside the growing area then there is no need to filter this so you can exhaust this clean air anywhere away from your growing area. It will be hot so you don't want it going into your growing area.



It is important to blow the air from the fan NOT suck the air through the fan as the hot air can cook the fan.


                                          outside ( or inside grow area > filter ) >  fan >  cool tube > outside