Daves Fish & Seaweed Fertiliser 1L

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Fish and Seaweed Fertiliser

Photo is of  a 250ml bottle but we only stock a  1 litre size.

$20.00 (inc GST)


Dave’s Liquid Fertiliser

Daves liquid fertiliser will boost your veggies and plants vigour!

Dave’s liquid fertiliser is made up with a combination of fish and seaweed with trace elements. Containing plant available nutrients it enhances soil life and vitality. This product is a unique blend of cold processed local deep sea fish and North Atlantic kelp containing a wide range of natural and amino acid chelated trace elements.

Get healthier plants and crops, stronger root growth and sweeter tasting vegetables. Ideal for new lawns creating greener grass and stronger root growth. Ingredients: N8, P3, K6, S1. Contact us with any questions