High Yield 2L

High Yield 2L | Nutrients | Soil Nutrients

A quality liquid nutrient for fruiting/flowering plants grown in soil.

$38.00 (inc GST)


High Yield is an organic seaweed base blend, containing natural growth promotants, auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins and betaines.

For use with vegetables or flowering/fruiting plants during their early stages.

*N-P-K= 5-4-11

Also Contains: Boron 100ppm, Copper 150ppm, Iron 200ppm, Magnesium 100ppm, Manganese 200ppm, Molybdenum 100ppm, Selenium 3ppm, Zinc 200ppm.

*(N-P-K is a representation of 3 major elements in a nutrient from the composition by weight. N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphorous, K = Potassium)