Lumatek 1000W PRO Digital Ballast 400V

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Lumatek 1000W PRO Digital Ballast 400V | Ballasts | Digital Ballasts | 1000 Watt | Specials

Designed for 400V Lamps only

Dimmable range 600W, 750W,1000W & Super lumens 110%

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$495.00 (inc GST)


The LUMATEK Pro 1000W 400v Controllable has been developed to connect to a 240V power supply and light 600/750/1000W 400V HPS grow lamps.

400V grow lighting is now standard in professional horticulture because of the extra PAR/PPF (grow light) produced with greater efficiency and lower energy costs. Improved PAR ensures constant and uniform plant growth.

Developed to meet professional standards & the main requirements of growers:
• Additional PAR/PPF – up to 10% more grow light
• More light = more yield/revenue
• Improved PAR Light Output maintenance
• Highest System Efficiency
• High reliability
• Low energy costs
• Affordable price – little more than standard 240V equipment
• Connect to 240V power supply and light 400V Double Ended horticultural grow lights

Lumatek uses the latest electronic components to improve performance & efficiency to reduce the cost of high-end professional equipment for the end-user.

Lumatek Pro ballasts are tested and compatible with 400V DE HPS lamps from all the leading manufacturers including Phillips. Comparison testing has demonstrated up to 10% more PAR/PPF than standard horticultural lamps with improved PAR maintenance levels.

Lumatek has a proven reputation for reliability and performance. The Pro 400V series provides affordable professional grow lighting solutions for the indoor grow market.

280mm Long, 170mm Wide, 95mm High.



To light a 600W lamp;  set control to 600W
To light a 1000W lamp; set control to 1000W and boost output by 10% by switching to 1000SL or dimming down to 750W or 600W.
Electronic ballast for 600W or 1000W HPS or MH lamp
No audible noise, no flicker
Full circuit protection; open/short, over temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification
EMI suppression certified

3-year warranty