Canna Coco Feed A+B 2L (2x1L)

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A 2 part nutrient designed for use in coco medium.

Made in Holland.

$40.00 (inc GST)


Canna COCO is a premium quality nurient for plants containing all the essential elements for optimal growing and flowering/fruiting. Canna COCO can be used for both the vegetative phase and flowering/fruiting phase if it is used in combination with a washed and buffered coco substrate (like Canna coco) due to the fact that it will interact with the growing medium. Canna COCO is easy to use, dissolves immediately and is extremely suitable for growing in pots or "run to waste" systems.

Directions for use:

  • Shake well before use
  • Fill nutrient resevoir with water
  • Add Canna COCO to the nutrient resevoir at an advised maximum dilution ratio os 1:250 (40ml A and 40ml B per 10L of water)

- First add part A to the nutrient resevoir

- Stir well, the add part B

-Again, stir well and let the mixture stand for a while.

  • The EC of Canna COCO A+B dissolved in (tap) water should vary between 1.2 - 2.3mS (=solution EC + water EC)
  • Recommended pH: 5.5 - 6.5
  • When growing intensively feed the plants 1-2 times a day with this nutrient and make sure the run off will be between 10% and 20%