150mm Can-Fan RK-W Thermostat Centrifugal Fan

460m³/h airflow- Thermostat Control

$365.00 (inc GST)


Thermostat control allows you to set a desired temperature on the fan unit. The fan speed will decrease or increase to maintain that temperature allowing the fan to run quieter when full power is not needed.

This fan has 3 speed levels controlled by the thermostat. The temperature is read from the air moving through the fan.

The sensor checks the temperature every 2 minutes. If it is below the set point by 1 degree it will reduce down one step until it reaches step 1 then it will remain. If the temperature is above the set point by 2 degrees it will move up to the next step until it reaches step 3 then it will remain. 

460m³/h airflow

60 Watts



NOTE: Can take five minutes before fan speed changes 

Ideal for Carbon filters.