Roots Excelurator 250ml

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House and Gardens Root Excelurator will stimulate the development of the strongest and most efficient root system possible.Use at 0.3ml/L

  •  Ultra concentrated
  •  Quicker cloning
  •  Can dramatically reduce growth period
  •  Proven results

$145.00 (inc GST)


Root Excelurator is a unique formulation that provides the perfect conditions for explosive root growth, giving your plants the ability to efficiently absorb all available nutrients. Root Excelurator increases the strength and longevity of your plants root system and helps develop resistance towards infections and diseases. It works by forming a membrane around the roots, protecting them from harmful bacteria and fungus. Root Excelurator will also rid your plant of weak, brown roots improving the overall health and success of your plants. Not only will Root Exculerator protect your plants but it is an effective cure against existing root rots. 

For the best results use Root Excelurator right from the start at a rate of 0.3ml per litre of water.