Deluxe Mist & Pressure Spray Bottle 2L

Deluxe Mist & Pressure Spray Bottle 2L  | Meters & Measurement | Jugs and Spray Bottles | Jugs, measures & Sprayers

Worth the extra money! Quality high-pressure sprayer with variable spray nozzle.

$18.00 (inc GST)


This spray bottle has a high-pressure sprayer that allows you to create a mist, optimal for distributing nutrients to the plant's leaves.

An adjustable nozzle allows for a mist or direct spray giving the gardener the ability from foliar feeding to hard-to-reach watering and pest-prevention liquid application.

requires fewer pumps to get to full pressure, and holds pressure for an easier-to-use experience compared to other cheaper pressure sprayers on the market.

Works well with cuttings and foliar spraying.


Great around the garden too.