Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental LED Bar

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The Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar offers a Light Spectrum enhancement for growers who are looking to improve crop quality by adding Ultraviolet lighting their system.

UV technology is a powerful tool for growers looking to create a unique final crop -  affecting flavour, smell and yield. It can also help to control mould formation with gentle UV-B doses and reducing the need for chemical interventions by the effect of UV-A.

Designed to fit directly on the popular Lumatek Zeus LED fixtures. Each Light Bar comes with its own independent power unit, and several Light Bars can be connected together by the use of a 'Daisy chain cable'.

To ensure unit performance, the UV LED bar has a single input and output socket for the Power Cable or Daisy Chain Cable depending on the setup. For this reason, the Power cables and Daisy Chain cables are sold separately. You will need one power cable for each setup, plus a daisy chain cable for each extra UV Bar that is added to the setup.
eg. If you are adding two UV bars to a Zeus unit, you will need one power cable and one daisy chain cable. If you want to run a single UV bar by itself, you will need one power cable. If you are adding a UV bar to an existing UV Bar setup, you will need one daisy chain cable

Attention! These units require cable(s) - Easy Grow Reference EL11 & EL12

Recommended UV-B + UV-A Radiation Application
Always mix the supplemental UVB + UVA radiation with the previously mentioned Lumatek Zeus Full Spectrum LED Range, starting from 12 hours photoperiod to less during the Flowering grow stage, at least 4 weeks before harvest.



The UV radiation emitted by UV Lights can cause damage to exposed skin and eyes.


To avoid adverse affects to humans;


  • Power off when installing or/and during the maintenance of the growing system. If powering off UV Bars is not possible, all exposed skin should be covered with opaque material and protective glasses worn.
  • Never look directly at the light as the UV radiation from the light fixture can damage eyes.

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