Nutrifield Fulife 5L

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An organic additive that helps to maximise nutrient absorption.

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Nutrifield Fulife is an organic nutrient additive that contains electrolytes that maximise nutrient uptake.

These electrolytes convert otherwise unavailable elements, such as sillica and metallic elements, into plant food.

Fulife allows for a lower EC (Electrical Conductivity), while not inhibiting nutrient uptake. This is because Fulife maximises the uptake of nutrients relative to the plant's needs. It also does not increase the EC of your nutrient solution, allowing you to maximise the nutrients you want the plant to receive.

Fulife also contains Fulvic acid which optimises plant's metabolic processes.




  • Vegetative growth and flowering- 1ml/

For use in soil, hydroponics and coco.

Best used with the complete Nutrifield nutrient range especially in conjunctionn with Cargo Boost.

Choose Nutrifield Fulife to allow your plants to get the best out of the nutrients they receive.